2009 Conference on Child Rights and Sight

Hundreds attended Distressed Children & Infants (DCI) International’s 2nd Conference on Child Rights and Journey for Rights & Sight Benefit Concert on October 17th, 2009. The day’s events took place at Yale School of Medicine’s TAC Building and Mary Harkness Auditorium. The goal of DCI’s Event was three-fold: to raise awareness of child rights in local, national, and international communities, to discuss key issues of poverty in the 21st century, and to provide a forum for discussing creative, community-driven methods of alleviating child labor, hunger, and poverty around the world.


  • Ziauddin Ahmed (Distressed Children & Infants International)
  • A.K. Azad Khan (Diabetic Association of Bangladesh)
  • Masud Chowdhury (Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce USA)
  • Jeannette W. Hodge (Yale-New Haven Hospital)
  • Dr. Ehsan Hoque (Distressed Children & Infants International)
  • Samal Sarangadhar (Kalinga Eye Hospital & Research Centre)
  • Stacy DeBroff (Mom Central)
  • Wahida Banu Shapna (Bangladesh Child Rights Forum, Aparajeyo-Bangladesh)
  • Dr. Maksud Chowdhury (Coney Island Hospital, Bangladesh Medical Association of North America)
  • Rabiul Karim (Distressed Children & Infants International)
  • Dr. Brian M. DeBroff (Distressed Children & Infants International)
  • Jonathan Coleman (Distressed Children & Infants International)
  • Pia Rebello Britto (Yale University Child Study Center)