Matthew D. Kaye, PhD

As the Director of the Office of Volunteer Programs and Service Learning, it is my responsibility to prioritize community engagement at Sacred Heart University (SHU). Community engagement is an excellent means for SHU students to contribute to a community in need, achieve a better understanding of … [Read more...]

Prof. M R Khan

We are working mainly in the field of child care, preventive & curative. We have lot of achievements in this area. But working for distressed children within the community is a newer concept & appears to be working in a very positive way. We highly appreciate that DCI came forward in … [Read more...]

Muhammad Abdul Mazid

I am confident that the Conference will be able to create an awareness, increase consensus and foster mutual understanding among stakeholders at large on children’s rights in local, national, and international communities, on issues of poverty in the 21st century, and on providing a forum for … [Read more...]

Masud Chowdhury

I extend my warm greetings and felicitations to the organizers and participants of this year’s Conference on Child Rights & Sight at Yale University. It is critical to promote children’s education and safeguard child rights through more and more awareness. Focus, hard work, and a strong team are … [Read more...]

Matthew Nelson

Our trip to Shoula has been very successful. Thanks to the effort by the DCI team and their friends here in this village. Shoula is a long way from home but our visit reinforces the similarities between children and families all over the world. We look forward to a long relationship with the … [Read more...]

Zahida Ispahani

Islamia Eye Hospital, M A Ispahani Institute of Ophthalmology (IEH), and DCI have been working closely to mitigate the miseries of underprivileged children. IEH is a non-profit eye care service provider. DCI is doing a commendable job in helping children with eye diseases. Without its appropriate … [Read more...]

Mahmudul Kabir

DCI is working hard to make the global community aware of the cry of the many disadvantaged people of the world. The Constitution of Bangladesh has called for taking special measures for the full realization of children’s rights, putting special attention on the most vulnerable children. … [Read more...]

Dr. Abu Raihan

I put my hands together with DCI for all the distressed children of the world and join you to promote and establish the rights of all children of the world. The children are the future. If we care for them well they will continue our struggle for child rights. I am glad to see that Distressed … [Read more...]

Dr. Mutahar Ahmed

I am proud to be a sponsor of 50 children through the Sun Child Sponsorship Program of DCI. –Dr. Mutahar Ahmed, MBBS, MD New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology Specializes in Robotic Urological Surgery … [Read more...]

Adil Faisal

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with DCI in building the best of breed, transparent and stable system for helping underprivileged children and their families. With Allah’s help and with active participation of all of you wonderful people, we hope to achieve that goal soon. Please get … [Read more...]