Masud Chowdhury

I extend my warm greetings and felicitations to the organizers and participants of this year’s Conference on Child Rights & Sight at Yale University. It is critical to promote children’s education and safeguard child rights through more and more awareness. Focus, hard work, and a strong team are … [Read more...]

Reanna Rafiq and Gulen Rafiq

Sponsoring children has given my own children perspective. It’s offered our family a greater world view compared to our own small lives. –Reanna Rafiq and Gulen Rafiq Suwanee, GA … [Read more...]

Sharmeen Parvez

Sun Child Sponsorship program is a great program. I am supporting this program from my heart and I appreciate the work that DCI is doing for these poor underprivileged children. –Sharmeen Parvez, Prosper, TX … [Read more...]

Anusur Rahman Nanto

I really appreciate this endeavor. It is a very constructive effort to involve our kids with their roots. I am requesting all of our friends to involve their kids for such support to the distressed children of Bangladesh. Anusur Rahman Nanto Australia … [Read more...]

Ridwan Ahmed Volunteers at DCI’s Sun Child Home

I had the pleasure of volunteering at RSC/DCI at the girls’ orphanage in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I taught English by combining it with Bangla. Through visual learning, the girls were able to accomplish good pronunciation and recognition of the English alphabet and numbers. Over a stretch of … [Read more...]

My Experience Volunteering with DCI in Bangladesh by Samia Alam

This summer I was in Bangladesh, working at a clinic for underprivileged people, visiting slums to check health conditions of children and pregnant women, and working at an orphanage, which overall has been an eye-opening experience for me. The DCI volunteer program has given me the opportunity to … [Read more...]

Fahmida Sharmin

Sponsoring children through DCI and visiting the project areas in Bangladesh is an experience which is unique and enough to change a person forever. I have been sponsoring 25 children for the last three years. I really like the program. It is simple and transparent, and I have direct contact with my … [Read more...]

Dr. Mutahar Ahmed

It’s difficult and saddening to see true poverty and even more upsetting to see that those who suffer most are children. However, it’s also uplifting to know that organizations like Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) exist to aid those living in poverty. I visited DCI’s Sun Child … [Read more...]

Anis Zaman

Last winter I went to Bangladesh to see my mom and to visit my sponsored child, Laboni Akter Tanjila. I have been sponsoring Laboni for the last couple of years and until now I knew her only from pictures. I was very excited to finally to be able to meet my sponsored child. My brother and I went to … [Read more...]

Maleka Ahmed Jappy

I am really honored and proud to be involved with DCI. I am confident that the continuous effort of DCI and other organizations will eventually have a significant impact on child rights in this world. My best wishes to the 2011 Conference on Child Rights & Sight. —Maleka Ahmed … [Read more...]

Taslema Sultana, Ph.D.

DCI has given me the opportunity to fulfill my desire to work for the community. Working with DCI gives me a feeling of accomplishment, and DCI has a nice platform for everybody to get involved. I wish DCI’s success in brightening more children’s lives and building their future. —Taslema … [Read more...]

Russell Hasan

It is a great experience working with DCI. The children at DCI’s Sun Child Homes are very impressive and very well mannered. I loved when they sang a song for me. Now I feel attached with these poor and underprivileged children and am happy to say that we are able to work for the cause of fighting … [Read more...]

Zaynah Chowdhury’s DCI Volunteering Experience

It was a pleasure getting to work with DCI and RSC over the summer. I found out about DCI through a relative of mine who is involved in recruitment and advocacy for the organization in the U.S., and thought I would see if I could do anything to help them while I was in Bangladesh. Since my … [Read more...]

Noha Ahmed

Last summer, I worked with Distressed Children & Infants International in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Working with DCI was one of the best experiences I have had. Although my trip was relatively short, I was able to connect with very sweet people from the slums of Dhaka. I will never forget the sweet young … [Read more...]

Benjamin Albert

DCI is a fantastic upstart organization with a lot of potential that I would highly recommend volunteering with. Their commitment to helping children around the world is admirable and the scope of their projects commendable. Few organizations are as comprehensive when it comes to aid as DCI. Their … [Read more...]

Dr. Husna Siddique

It is really amazing what DCI is doing to make a difference and change the lives of the children around us. I wish I could spend more time in the clinic. It was really eye opening how limited the resources are! The level of healthcare that is provided is commendable, but still there is much room for … [Read more...]

“My DCI Experience” by Salma Siddique

When I was five years old, I visited Bangladesh for the first time with my family. It was my first international experience, not only unique for that reason, but also because it was a trip to tie me to my roots, so that I could know where my family came from. Among many other firsts, I remember … [Read more...]

Dr. Mutahar Ahmed

It’s difficult and saddening to see true poverty and even more upsetting to see that those who suffer most are children. However, it’s also uplifting to know that organizations like Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) exist to aid those living in poverty. I visited DCI’s Sun Child … [Read more...]

Nazneen & Salauddin Ahmed

While visiting DCI’s Sun Child Home for Orphans in Bangladesh, we were very impressed by the small girls’ performance of dance and music. They are very smart and learn easily. The facility is very clean and tidy. We are lucky that we could come to meet them. Insha’Allah we will help them more in the … [Read more...]

Dr. Khandaker Nasimul Anwar

I enjoyed spending time with the kids at DCI’s Sun Child Home for Orphans in Bangladesh. They are a really good example of how good care can make the difference. I would like to come back again and again to visit them. I wish them good luck. –Dr. Khandaker Nasimul Anwar Minooka, IL … [Read more...]

DCI Volunteer Jon Coleman Visits Bangladesh to Perform Social Network Research

I could never have anticipated that I would go to Bangladesh. There are many obstacles that would have prevented me from ever travelling to Bangladesh. I am Jewish, frequently travel to Israel, and have an Israeli mother. Bangladesh does not recognize Israel, and has punished travel to Israel as a … [Read more...]

The Hard-Working Hero Providing Hope for the Underprivileged

Phrases of Bangla filter into the room from the living room and kitchen. Relatives, some of whom traveled from a few states away and some of whom came all the way from Bangladesh, cycle in and out of the dining room, stopping to introduce themselves or make small talk. It’s two days after … [Read more...]

Daniel Nova

Distressed Children & Infants International is an organization dedicated to making the lives of underprivileged individuals better. This is something I’m proud to be a part of. They seek to accomplish this monumental task by providing these individuals with access to the basic needs many of us take … [Read more...]

Volunteer Angelina Gomes Shares Her Experience Working at DCI’s Clinic in Dhaka

When I stepped out of the airport and was greeted by a gust of hot, humid air and the buzzing of mosquitoes, I remember thinking, “This is Bangladesh.” This summer I had the great fortune of going to Bangladesh for the first time with a grant I received from my university to volunteer with … [Read more...]