Subhi Zaman

In the short time that I was in Bangladesh, I have seen more kind-hearted people than I have seen in a long time. DCI is changing the world for the better, keep up the good work. God bless! –Subhi Zaman March 28, 2009 … [Read more...]

Galley Saleh

I have had an incredible time in Bangladesh from the minute I was picked up at the airport. Thank you so much for everything. I am looking forward to coming again and working with DCI/RSC and the beautiful people of Bangladesh. –Galley Saleh DCI Youth Volunteer August 3, 2009 … [Read more...]

Shabena Akter

Very impressive work! You are doing a great job and I hope to help you all as much as I can to enable you to keep up the good work. –Shabena Akter Kingshor, London January 3, 2009 … [Read more...]

Mushfiqa (Monica) Jamaluddin

Over this past Christmas Break I was in Bangladesh. My personal goal for this trip was to get a firsthand experience with the issues Bangladesh is dealing with and how DCI is planning to help alleviate some of these problems. Although I have visited Bangladesh numerous times throughout my childhood … [Read more...]

Saika Belal Nitol

I am having a great time working and collecting data in DCI’s Clinic for the Underprivileged. I really appreciate DCI’s hospitality. Also, I recently visited some DCI-supported orphanages, and I was truly moved by the changes the services offered by DCI are making in these children’s lives. I am so … [Read more...]

Danita Topcagic

Dear DCI Staff, I’m pleased to have met you and I’m excited to be a part of your monthly mission. I look forward to working with you and I hope that you will accomplish your long-term goal of providing more children with the opportunity for a better life. My best wishes, –Danita … [Read more...]

Brian Wayda

I am grateful to play even a small role as a volunteer for Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI) since its inception. DCI is a great organization that has established several great programs in pursuit of their mission to protect child rights and alleviate poverty. The Sun-Child … [Read more...]

Tanbir Ahmed

DCI’s Bangladesh office was really well-equipped and its staff is very skilled, efficient, and polite. I am so encouraged by the work they are doing, and I offer them my best wishes for continued success. –Tanbir Ahmed Doraville, GA … [Read more...]

Arush Sarwar

After my visit to Bangladesh, I decided to devote myself to aiding the distressed children through DCI. I also want to work extensively for youth leadership development in the USA by motivating American children to take on more humanitarian activities. In the near future, I want to visit Bangladesh … [Read more...]

Sharmin (Mouri)

It was a very eye opening experience. I grew up outside of Bangladesh and wanted to be aware of the condition of the poor in Bangladesh and what we can do to make their lives better. DCI is doing an excellent job in helping the urban slum residents from several directions. This was a very heart … [Read more...]

Misu Tasnim

It was a great experience and learning working with DCI team in Bangladesh. Thank you DCI Bangladesh for your hospitality and wonderful presentation. I really appreciate what your office is doing for rural children in Bangladesh. I hope to work more closely with your office during my next … [Read more...]

Rumana Rahman

I really look forward to learning a lot from working with the DCI family. –Rumana Rahman Mississippi State University Graduate Student June 5, 2010 … [Read more...]

Zaynah Chowdhury

What a great presentation! I think this is a great organization and can’t wait to start working with you! –Zaynah Chowdhury University of Arizona June 26, 2010 … [Read more...]

Maisoon A. Chowdhury

I am enthusiastic and very excited to continue working with DCI. The organization has a wonderful vision for the future of Bangladesh and I am very proud to be part of this journey. –Maisoon A. Chowdhury Arizona State University June 26, 2010 … [Read more...]

Reanna Rafiq & Gulen Rafiq

Every year we send gifts to our sponsored friend Shanta and her family during celebration of EID. Shanta and her sister never had Eid gifts before. We want to give the same joy of EID to our sponsored child. –Reanna Rafiq and Gulen Rafiq Suwanee, GA … [Read more...]

Nashra, Tafsia & Sharmeen Parvez

We sent a special gift to our sponsored children Ginnufa Begum, Saiful Hawlader, Sharmin Gazi). We donated $1000 for our three sponsored children to create small income generation for their families, so that they can gradually become independent. Sharmin’s family received 25,000 Tk to start a rice … [Read more...]

Toni L. Silva

Thank you to Dr. Hoque and everybody at DCI for educating hundreds of students at Dodd Middle School, in Cheshire, Connecticut, about the needs of impoverished children in Bangladesh and throughout the world. It has been our pleasure to run community service projects to donate hundreds of books and … [Read more...]

Mashud Reza

I wish Distressed Children and Infants International all the success. I am honored and proud to be a part of DCI’s noble mission. Working with DCI for distressed children in Bangladesh and around the world is a large priority in my life, and I invite you to make it a part of yours. I would like to … [Read more...]

Dr. Faizul Islam

“No nation can progress without addressing the plight of its children. DCI is working towards that goal. I wish DCI great success.” –Dr. Faizul Islam , Washington DC … [Read more...]

Ruqsana Ahmed Polly

Hi, I am Ruqsana Polly Ahmed, President of DCI’s Michigan Chapter. I’m enjoying working with DCI and feel proud to be a part of this organization. When I went to Bangladesh in 2006, I visited different areas where DCI’s team is working very hard. I really appreciate the opportunity to work for the … [Read more...]

Chowdhury Salahuddin Mahmood

We, the DCI Texas chapter, feel proud to be a part of this great team, sharing the same vision and goal: helping underprivileged children worldwide. We strongly believe that we are all working for a great cause. Many are the challenges, but so are the opportunities. We would like to commend … [Read more...]

Saleh Kibria

DCI is working hard to reach its goal of preventing the cycle of poverty through education and health care. Recently, I had an opportunity to visit our Hobiganj project under the Sun Child Sponsorship Program. It was an enlightening experience shared by each of us, making our visit to Bangladesh an … [Read more...]

Dr. Abdul Ali Manu

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all people from all parts of the United States including Canada for their generous support to improve the lives of these unfortunate children. –Dr. Abdul Ali Manu, President, DCI Canada … [Read more...]

Tammana A. Morshed

I am extremely humbled to be a helping hand to the Distressed Children & infants international organization. I have always yearned in my life to help a child in need in my home country of Bangladesh, but I never knew how to make a difference. DCI gave me the opportunity to fulfill this dream of mine … [Read more...]