Javed, Shaila & Zayan Rahman

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be a part of DCI. We like to congratulate DCI on the completion of another successful year of operation and continuing humanitarian work with the rural poor in Bangladesh. Many people think for the poor but to actually do something about it and in a … [Read more...]

Abul Kashem Toha

DCI is doing a splendid job for impoverished children of Bangladesh. I urge everybody who lives in the USA, Canada and other countries to please come forward and help the distressed children of Bangladesh. If we save the price of a cup of tea or coffee a day we may save one child’s life in … [Read more...]

Dr. Mohammad G. Saklayen

I am one of the very first sponsors of DCI, it has been a very rewarding and inspirational experience. I feel proud myself to be involved in the great work that DCI is doing to help many impoverished children in Bangladesh. My best wishes for DCI. –Dr. Mohammad G. Saklayen Advisor, DCI Dayton, … [Read more...]

Mukhles and Shefa Bhuiyan

We are very proud of our association with DCI and are very happy to be a partner in its fight against child labor, hunger, poverty and blindness. Thank you DCI for the noble and wonderful work. –Mukhles and Shefa Bhuiyan Los Angeles, CA … [Read more...]

Dr. Shahan Chowdhury

I am proud to be a part of this organization. I visited my sponsored child, Rahima, last December. She was so nervous to meet me at first, but soon was smiling. I was happy that her parents were there to support her educational efforts. She has ambition and wants to study and work hard. At heart, … [Read more...]

Bela Chowdhury

My name is Bela Chowdhury and I have supported DCI from its inception. I have a personal connection with DCI because it supports and render services to my father’s village school in Feni, Bangladesh. The students here are receiving school supplies, nutrition supplements and also medical attention. … [Read more...]

Sabina Ahmed

Through DCI our aim is to enhance the physical, emotional, social and intellectual well-being of disadvantaged children who are in danger of dropping out of school or living in orphanage. With time and ongoing support, we intend to turn these tears of poverty into smiles, and to replace the sadness … [Read more...]

Dr. Maleka Ahmed Jappy

I am really honored and proud to be involved with DCI. I am confident the continuous effort of DCI and other organizations like this eventually will make a significant effect on child rights in this world. –Maleka Ahmed Jappy, Eastover , North Carolina … [Read more...]

Mat Nelson

Our family’s 1st visit to Bangladesh and we were fortunate to meet with DCI’s organization development consultant, Salam and the DCI team in Bangladesh. The work of the DCI appears very well thought out and effective. We look forward to supporting and partnering with DCI in the future. Thank you for … [Read more...]

Jonathan Coleman

I am honored to be a part of DCI and hope to bring a better future for the children in Bangladesh, because they are the future of the country. I could never have anticipated that I would go to Bangladesh. There are many obstacles that would have prevented me from ever travelling there. I was given … [Read more...]

Adil Faisal

I am delighted to meet the dedicated people in DCI. This is definitely a work worth pursuing. May Allah grant all their good efforts with success. We will insha Allah work together for my years to come. -Adil Faisal Dec 08, 2009 … [Read more...]

Sitara Ahmed

I began to sponsor a boy named Zafar Ullah since 2009 in Bangladesh; I received pictures of him showing his physical need. I donated $12.00 a month. I have seen awesome change in Zafar Ullah. He looks much healthier and doing better in school. He only missed 14 days of his attendance. He looks like … [Read more...]

Matthew Nelson

Our trip to Shoula has been very successful. Thanks to the effort by the DCI team and their friends here in this village. Shoula is a long way from home but our visit reinforces the similarities between children and families all over the world. We look forward to a long relationship with the … [Read more...]

Sonia Khan

We have been sponsoring a distressed child in Bangladesh since right after my little daughter Sohi was born. We keep the sponsored child’s picture in our home so that our daughter realizes that she has a friend back home in Bangladesh. We hope that she will develop a connection with our roots in … [Read more...]

Zahida Ispahani

Islamia Eye Hospital, M A Ispahani Institute of Ophthalmology (IEH), and DCI have been working closely to mitigate the miseries of underprivileged children. IEH is a non-profit eye care service provider. DCI is doing a commendable job in helping children with eye diseases. Without its appropriate … [Read more...]

Mahmudul Kabir

DCI is working hard to make the global community aware of the cry of the many disadvantaged people of the world. The Constitution of Bangladesh has called for taking special measures for the full realization of children’s rights, putting special attention on the most vulnerable children. … [Read more...]

Dr. Abu Raihan

I put my hands together with DCI for all the distressed children of the world and join you to promote and establish the rights of all children of the world. The children are the future. If we care for them well they will continue our struggle for child rights. I am glad to see that Distressed … [Read more...]

Nahid Sharmin

Something amazing happened to our children. It created some new feelings in the hearts of our children. It opened their eyes to the pain of the rest of the world, showed them how the majority of children live and most importantly, motivated them to think of others. Compassion for others was born in … [Read more...]

Faraz Karim, M. Manzurul Karim and Hasina Karim

We are so proud of the work DCI is doing for our sponsored children. May God bless all of you. –Faraz Karim, M. Manzurul Karim, and Hasina Karim Coral Spring, FL … [Read more...]

Dr. Mutahar Ahmed

I am proud to be a sponsor of 50 children through the Sun Child Sponsorship Program of DCI. –Dr. Mutahar Ahmed, MBBS, MD New Jersey Center for Prostate Cancer and Urology Specializes in Robotic Urological Surgery … [Read more...]

Liz Swearsky

My experience with DCI has been wonderful. Everything is extremely transparent. The volunteers are totally focused on eradicating poverty and child workers and I am happy to be a part of this mission. My daughters Hannah and Isabella sent their sponsored children their recent school photos and some … [Read more...]

Nabil Anwar

Without DCI, I cannot imagine how I could possibly have seen and learned so much as an undergraduate about medicine, other cultures, and my own desire and ability to make a difference in others’ lives. Working with this wonderful organization has really changed my life and made me feel good about … [Read more...]

Nahreen Ahmed

I had no clue while traveling with the DCI team in Bangladesh that I was about to go through a life-changing experience. We were greeted by adorable young children that live in unimaginable conditions. But that did not keep them from smiling or greeting us happily. Spending time with them made me … [Read more...]

Maliha Ahmed

Seeing the extent of the poverty in Bangladesh over the years, particularly among children, has been painful. But on my most recent trip there things were different. For the first time I saw the flame of hope and happiness in the bright faces of the many children DCI has helped. Having the … [Read more...]