Nabil Anwar

Without DCI, I cannot imagine how I could possibly have seen and learned so much as an undergraduate about medicine, other cultures, and my own desire and ability to make a difference in others’ lives. Working with this wonderful organization has really changed my life and made me feel good about … [Read more...]

Nahreen Ahmed

I had no clue while traveling with the DCI team in Bangladesh that I was about to go through a life-changing experience. We were greeted by adorable young children that live in unimaginable conditions. But that did not keep them from smiling or greeting us happily. Spending time with them made me … [Read more...]

Maliha Ahmed

Seeing the extent of the poverty in Bangladesh over the years, particularly among children, has been painful. But on my most recent trip there things were different. For the first time I saw the flame of hope and happiness in the bright faces of the many children DCI has helped. Having the … [Read more...]