CCRS 2017: Awards

7th Conference on Child Rights & Sight
October 26, 2019

Yale University, New Haven, CT

2019 Child Rights Photo Competition

DCI is now accepting entries for its 2019 Child Rights Photo Competition. We encourage you to submit your photo(s) for consideration through the form below. The deadline for submitting photos is October 22, 2019.


The Child Rights Photo Competition is held every two years to coincide with the Conference on Child Rights & Sight, and is part of DCI’s Child Rights Awareness Campaign. Its aim is to use images to create greater awareness of child rights and the problems affecting children worldwide.


Contestants from any country are encouraged to apply.

Photo Specifications
  • Contestants may submit up to 3 photos for consideration
  • Photos must be original work and must not have appeared in any other publication
  • Photo content must relate to DCI’s mission and the objectives of the Conference on Child Rights & Sight. Examples of related topics include child labor, child poverty, child health, child rights issues, etc. Please visit our website or Instagram page for examples.
  • Photos must be submitted electronically through the form below and must be in either .jpg/.jpeg or .png file format, in high resolution
  • Photos can be in color or black and white
  • Photos must not contain a watermark or any other text
Winners Selection & Prizes

A committee selected by DCI will assess the photos and select the winners based on originality, message and overall photo quality. In each group three prizes will be awarded:

  1. Child Rights Champion (Gold Award)
  2. Child Rights Hero (Silver Award)
  3. Child Rights Defender (Bronze Award)

Winners will be announced at the DCI’s 7th International Conference on Child Rights & Sight, taking place at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, on October 26, 2019. During the conference, DCI will publicly acknowledge all the Winners for their Photo contributions. All winners will also receive local, national, and international publicity in print and electronic media and social media. In addition, winners will be featured in the conference program book, sent to over 5000 people. Winners will receive an award certificate in DCI’s next event (Winners will be notified). Winners will receive an award certificate by mail. Most importantly, winners will be able to use our organizational reference to benefit both their scholastic and professional careers and will be a valuable addition to their professional resume. Selected photos will be published on DCI’s website after the contest.


All photos submitted to the competition are the property of DCI. By submitting your photo(s) you provide consent for DCI to use the photos on its website or in publications for purposes of raising awareness or fundraising for underprivileged children according to its discretion.

Submit a Photo