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We are all going through the greatest global health crisis in our lifetimes. COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. In addition to taking thousands of lives, it has and will have a massive impact on our economy. As you can imagine the situation is more severe in developing countries, where the majority of people are struggling day-to-day and the government does not have the resources necessary to provide any kind of relief.  In countries like Bangladesh, only 15 percent of workers earn more than $6 a day!  But Dhaka’s streets are now empty! 10 million rickshaw drivers, day laborers, factory workers, maids and others whose livelihood depended on the city- now have no job. What will they eat?  How will they pay their rent?  How will they buy medicine?  How long can a rickshaw puller or a maid whose family of four or more depends on his/her daily income survive?

Thousands of children and families in DCI project locations are in immediate danger — from the virus, and from poverty caused by lost family income, malnourishment, and lack of schooling.  We have worked so hard over the years to support these children and families. Our humanitarian efforts will be in vain if we cannot stand beside them now. DCI has been actively working to combat COVID-19 crisis in all its project areas.

What we have done so far:
1.      DCI’s first response was to initiate public awareness campaigns by distributing leaflets describing, in pictures, the health crisis and safety precautions. Posters were hung in different walkways, stores, school buildings, mosques and public places.
2.      Our field officers were trained immediately and are working as contact people to answer questions, and provide guidance and assistance regarding medical care.
3.      We distributed PPE, masks and gloves to approximately 1,200 doctors and nurses.
4.      500 families were supplied with survival packs containing rice, flour, lentil, potatoes,
onion, oil, salt, soap, and mask.

We currently have 1,500 children under our sponsorship program. In addition, we have 26 schools and more than 10,000 children in the communities we support.
We are providing basic food and supplies to each of our families, costing about $30 for a family of four per month.  Our objective is first to support families of sponsored children and then to extend support, in the form of basic needs – food, soap, and masks, in phases, to the general community. In addition, our support system for the DCI orphanage where we have 50 children is at serious risk because of the economic crisis faced by many of our donors. We are actively seeking funding for its operation.

We are very aware that this critical response plan would not be possible without your support. If possible, kindly join us as you have always done.  Please donate/give your Zakat and safeguard children and families in crisis.  Thank you for your support to these children and their families. We hope that you and your families are safe.

CONTACT for any Questions:
Dr. Ehsan Hoque
Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI)
50 Church Street, 5th Fl., Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
Phone# +1-857-292-9186, +1-203-376-6351 (USA)
Phone: +88-01726051700 (Bangladesh)