DCI’s impact has been achieved almost entirely through the hard work and dedication of our team of volunteers. We deeply appreciate their steadfast commitment to DCI’s mission, as well as the generosity of our donors and sponsors, which has made these results possible.

Sun Child Sponsorship Program


  • 1500 underprivileged village children are being sponsored and are now able to continue their education, as well as receiving two hours tutoring support six days per week
  • 1500 underprivileged children have received pre-primary education from DCI School
  • 8 primary schools were supported with capacity development training
  • Over 5000 sponsored underprivileged village children are receiving healthcare
  • Seeds, plants, and fertilizer have been distributed to 800 families for homestead gardens as a source of vitamins
  • Safe drinking water has been provided in 3 schools
  • Sanitary latrines were built in 2 primary schools
  • One school building was repaired
  • One adult skill training center was constructed
  • 276 families were supported with skill-building and financial support for initiating income generating activities
  • 68 underprivileged women developed independence by being hired as DCI tutors

Blindness Prevention Program


  • 5200 disadvantaged children and 4756 adults have received free eye care
  • 664 underprivileged adult patients received cataract surgeries in Bangladesh
  • 325 received cataract surgeries in India
  • Free eyecare camp arranged for uninsured Americans in Waterbury, CT
  • 20 primary ophthalmologists trained in pediatric cataract surgery
  • Seeds, plants, and fertilizer have been distributed to 800 families for homestead gardens as a source of vitamins

Health for Underprivileged Program


  • 7778 Dhaka City slum residents provided preventive healthcare support
  • 3165 patients have received treatment at our health clinic
  • 110 patients were referred to specialized hospitals and provided financial support
  • 147 pregnant mothers have received prenatal and postnatal care

Orphan Support Program


  • Over 600 orphans receiving healthcare and education support from Bangladesh Government Orphanages and Sir Salimullah Orphanage
  • Established Sun Child Home for orphans. At present 40 orphan girls are residing in our facility with complete support

Youth Leadership Program


  • 300 volunteers have been trained and worked with DCI in various capacities in the USA and Bangladesh
  • 57 youth volunteers have contributed to DCI work abroad

Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation Program


  • 30 homes rebuilt following Cyclone Sidr
  • One school reconstructed following Cyclone Sidr
  • 1500 villagers received relief and rehabilitation support following Cyclone Sidr
  • 500 villagers received relief support following Cyclone Aila
  • 1000 villagers received relief support following the 2007 flood

Child Rights Awareness Campaign


  • Conference on Child Rights & Sight held at Yale University in 2006, 2009, and 2011.