Michael Turco, Magician & Illusionist

michael-turcoMichael Turco fell in love with the mystery of magic when he was just five years old. Spending his summers just miles from the strip in Atlantic City, Michael saw every magic show in the area and was intent to master each trick and illusion on his own. Turco knew it was just a matter of time before his name would be on the marquis of some of the most luxurious casinos in the world.

Michael works a crowd with the panache of a seasoned veteran. He’s not only mastered the tricks from his childhood, but has whipped up some of his own that are stirring up a serious buzz. Fans describe Turco as a natural born talent.

When Turco was just 16, the New York Times profiled him during a time he was filling performance halls, finishing school term papers and serving as the opening act for VH-1’s Storytellers/SAVE-THE-MUSIC. Turco places his stamp on classic tricks and illusions by adding a fun, edgy twenty-something flair to his spectacular stage show.

Now he hopes to bring the issue of child rights to the public eye by lending his voice to Distressed Children & Infants International. He has pledged to support the DCI vision through campaigns and publicity. From now on, he will attend DCI events and functions whenever possible and represent the organization as a Goodwill Ambassador spokesperson nationally and internationally. “I am extremely honored and excited to be named your DCI Goodwill Ambassador,” Michael Turco said. “I am looking forward to working with DCI toward a great future and confident that together we will bring new life and hope to many children”.