Our Mission

“Rights & Sight for Children”
  • Protect the rights of children by ensuring rights to proper education, rights to healthcare, and ensure access to opportunities and family support
  • Protect the eyesight of children with particular emphasis on elimination of preventable blindness
  • “Children Helping Children”

    DCI also seeks to connect privileged children to less fortunate disadvantaged children in the United States as well as in other countries around the world, educating them about the challenges they are facing. Thus developing their empathy and responsibilities and inspiring them to take leadership in humanitarian causes; in this way we hope to nurture responsible and compassionate world citizens and future leaders.

    Our Vision

    We look forward to the day in which child poverty is eliminated globally and all children have equal access to opportunities for a secure and prosperous life. We look forward to a day when no child is left behind because of lack of resources and opportunities to develop his/her full potential. We look forward to a day when no person will be discriminated due to disability.  We look forward to a day when preventable blindness is eliminated.