Parents: Get Your Children Involved!

DCI understands that as a parent, you may struggle to help your child appreciate the good fortune of their life. When growing up with all of the privileges and blessings they enjoy, children in developed countries are generally unaware that there are kids in this world struggling daily just to survive – many even working in dangerous situations instead of going to school. How can we help the next generation develop concern for others and gratitude for what they have?

We Can Help!

DCI’s motto is “Children Helping Children”. We offer several ways to involve your children in our mission and help them reach their full potential:

Co-sponsor a child together

Co-sponsoring a child with you is a great way for your son or daughter to learn about the life of children in other countries and develop responsibility, gratitude and discipline.

As a co-sponsor, your child will:

  • Take responsibility and help out at home
  • Learn to appreciate their own life and good fortune through awareness of child poverty
  • Cultivate empathy and desire to put others before oneself
  • Develop motivation and initiative for future volunteering

How it works:

  1. Have your son or daughter choose a child to sponsor from DCI’s website. Help them learn about the child’s situation and compare it to their own.
  2. Create a list of chores that your son or daughter agrees to complete each month in exchange for an allowance of at least $15. $15 of the allowance will be used for monthly sponsorship, with any extra portion given to your son or daughter as extra incentive and reward.

Encourage your child to volunteer or intern

DCI offers volunteer positions for everyone from middle schoolers to recent graduates and young adults. Serving as a DCI volunteer or intern will prepare your child for their future by providing critical leadership skills as well as a volunteer certificate, letter of recommendation, and credit hours for school clubs. Pave the way to your child’s success – sign up today!

Visit DCI projects in Bangladesh together

DCI’s projects in Bangladesh are open to visitation and offer a life-changing experience for you and your child. Show them the hardships of other children as well as the amazing changes we are making with the help of kids like them. We guarantee your visit to DCI in Bangladesh will be unforgettable, bringing your family closer and opening your child’s eyes to the wider world around them. Contact us to schedule your trip

Helping Kids, at Home and Abroad

DCI strongly believes that the current generation will lead the way to a world free of poverty and child rights violations. That is why we specialize in training tomorrow’s humanitarian leaders by providing opportunities for their development today – it’s a focal point of our mission and what makes us unique. We hope your family will join us and share in the many benefits of DCI’s Youth Leadership Program. Contact us for more details