Orphan Support Program


SunChild Home: DCI orphanage

In a country like Bangladesh, the facilities provided to orphan children are almost non-existent. At present there are orphanages run by the Ministry of Social Welfare of the government of Bangladesh and also non-government orphanages. Due to limited resources, however, the quality and quantity of services are sadly inadequate. DCI established SunChild Home, an orphanage in 2010 to provide shelter and improved facility for education, health care and extracurricular activities to orphan girls.

Our Impact

  • 45 orphan girls receiving full support through DCI’s Sun Child Home.
  • 1,450 children at government orphanages have received different type of support including, winter clothes, supplemental nutrition, sports clothing, sports equipment, counseling services.

OSP Team

  • Dr. Sabina Ahmed, Maryland (Director of Orphan Support Program)
  • Naheed Jabeen, Connecticut
  • Fahmeed Sharmeen Moon, Atlanta