Orphan Support Program


The Need

As you can imagine, in a poor country like Bangladesh, the facilities provided to orphan children are almost non-existent. At present there are orphanages run by the Ministry of Social Welfare of the government of Bangladesh and also non-government orphanages. Due to limited resources, however, the quality and quantity of services are sadly inadequate. Based on a series of very constructive consultations with orphanage officials in Bangladesh, it is obvious that there are several areas that need immediate attention, such as:

  • Health Care (medical, dental, eye care) is extremely lacking
  • Adolescent health counseling: at the moment there are no counseling facilities
  • While tutoring is provided to children everywhere in Bangladesh, orphans have no facilities for tutoring – even before major National exams, such as the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) scholarship exam, which is absolutely essential in the education system of Bangladesh.
  • Due to lack of funds there are no extracurricular activities available, so children cannot nurture their inner strengths.
  • There is a lack of libraries. This is a major problem because reading plays such a vital role in enriching and stimulating a child’s mind.
  • Vocational Training is lacking. Many children are suddenly entering adult life without first having developed any kind of skill set – making them completely unfit to deal with life outside the orphanage. Vocational training is absolutely essential to overcome this.

Our Impact

  • 330 orphans are receiving healthcare and education support
  • Established Sun Child Home for orphans. At present 45 orphans are residing in our facility with complete support