Saika Belal Nitol

I am having a great time working and collecting data in DCI’s Clinic for the Underprivileged. I really appreciate DCI’s hospitality. Also, I recently visited some DCI-supported orphanages, and I was truly moved by the changes the services offered by DCI are making in these children’s lives. I am so … [Read more...]

Sharmin (Mouri)

It was a very eye opening experience. I grew up outside of Bangladesh and wanted to be aware of the condition of the poor in Bangladesh and what we can do to make their lives better. DCI is doing an excellent job in helping the urban slum residents from several directions. This was a very heart … [Read more...]

Dr. Shamsad Begum

Dr. Shamsad Begum Visited DCI Project in Bangladesh in June-July, 2007. She comments: As sponsor and one of the Advisers of DCI, I really wanted to visit Bangladesh to see DCI activities in Bangladesh. I am happy that I could make it. Now I realized that it was necessary for me to see with my own … [Read more...]

Dr. Afia Zaman

It was my great pleasure to work in DCI’s clinic for slum residents and see poor patients. I am really grateful that Dr. Ehsanul Hoque gave me this opportunity. I noticed that many poor patients come here every day. Despite being very busy all the time, the poor patients are treated with respect/ … [Read more...]

Maliha Ahmed

Seeing the extent of the poverty in Bangladesh over the years, particularly among children, has been painful. But on my most recent trip there things were different. For the first time I saw the flame of hope and happiness in the bright faces of the many children DCI has helped. Having the … [Read more...]

DCI Director Visited Bangladesh to Help Improve the Lives of Underprivileged Children

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Distressed Children and Infants (DCI) International’s Director, Dr. Nina Hoque, visited Bangladesh (from July 10-25, 2009) to supervise and monitor the following DCI programs: the Sun Child Sponsorship Program, Childhood Blindness Prevention Program (CBPP), Orphan Support Program … [Read more...]

DCI Representative Visited Bangladesh Sun Child Sponsorship Program (SCS) and Health for Underprivileged Program (HUP)

US-based charity developing health and education programs for underprivileged children in Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh (March 26, 2009): Distressed Children and Infants (DCI) International’s Representative from its New York Chapter, Dr. Afia Zaman, a well known pediatrician from New York, USA, … [Read more...]