Where the Educator Needs A Lesson

The wheals and bruises across the back of this young boy are wounds inflicted by his own teacher! The twelve-year-old boy, Yusuf Khan, was beaten unconscious. Abdur Rahim, his instructor at the madrasah (traditional Islamic school) in rural Bangladesh, beat Yusuf because he believed the boy had stolen his cellular phone. After losing consciousness, Yusuf was rescued by local villagers who took him for treatment, and later took Abdur to the police. This teacher had thrashed the boy with up to a dozen canes, said the police.

Students throughout Bangladesh commonly endure this sort of punishment at the hands of their teachers. This cruelty occurs not only in rural areas, but also in more developed parts of Bangladesh. In the city of Dhaka Dipu Islam, another twelve-year-old was thrashed to death by his teacher; she was also the headmistress of the school. Dipu developed a high fever following the beating and died of his injuries in the hospital later that day. This young boy was beaten to death for not being able to complete his homework.

Dipu’s death was in 2005, and since when many similar cases have been recorded. While educating our children, we must also be sure to educate our teachers. We must build awareness throughout Bangladesh of the need for a safe learning environment. DCI strives to create a holistic approach to the provision of education and children’s health care. The cases of Abdur and Dipu exemplify what we have to deal with. In environments such as theirs, a child’s survival is continuously under threat. DCI faces enormous hurdles in every step to educate our people and improve the lives of young people across the country.

News article links: http://www.thedailystar.net/beta2/news/hefza-khana-teacher-canes-12-yr-old-boy-unconscious/